Interviews from Lafayette 148 and Ploughshares

While Vienna continues her adventures in the studio, she’s managed to make time for a couple of interviews which explore the background of her new album.

Speaking with Lafayette 148 New York, Vienna shares a bit about the direction of her pre-album photo shoot, and some inspirations for her current work.

Going more in depth, Vienna takes on different topics from Ellery‘s Tasha Golden, for her interview series on Ploughshares. Past and previous influences from books and poetry are explored, and extends to the work of songwriters. Also, a wider discussion is opened up with questions for readers and Vienna’s fans.

New Album On September 24

Exciting news: Vienna will be releasing her fifth studio album this fall! Release date is set for Tuesday, September 24, 2013.

meterchangesThree years after stepping away from a full-time music career to attend graduate school, Vienna returns to the studio with a new sound, a new producer, and a new approach to songwriting and recording. What’s emerging from that process is her most uptempo, pop-influenced album yet—and full of surprises, even to its creators.
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2013 Tour to Feature Alex Wong, Barnaby Bright

45 U.S. cities, 15 German cities, a stop in London—80 days on the road in all. When Vienna comes off a touring hiatus, she doesn’t do it halfway. “It’s like a massive roadtrip to see all my friends that I’ve been neglecting,” she laughs. “The schedule’s a bit daunting to look at, but I also know every night’s going to be special.”
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Q&A March 2013

On the joys of “making a big mess” in the studio, sold-out musical theatre productions, and collaborating with machines (as well as people).