7 Jan ’17: Soiled Dove Underground in Denver

Set One

1 Anna Rose
2 Gravity
3 Eric’s Song
4 Level Up
5 Flyweight Love
6 Never Look Away
7 Shasta
8 Homecoming
9 City Hall
10 Landsailor
11 Go On Make Promises
12 Harbor

Set Two

1  My Medea
2  Whatever You Want
3  Radio
4  Shine
5  Blue Caravan
6  1br/1ba
7  Soon Love Soon
8  The Breaking Light
9  Grandmother Song


1  Goodnight New York
2  Stray Italian Greyhound
3  Green Island Serenade


“Sweet, it’s

been a while since we’ve had string accompaniment!” Little flashbacks to Dina and Marika… and cellos make everything better!

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Almost concert

time! #girlsnight #potd

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7, 2017 at 7:07pm PST

I have to say it was pretty cool to hear the cello in Blue Caravan again 🙂 and of course laughs at the “string shrieks” from the upstairs neighbors in 1 BR / 1 BA.

– mtns842 [review]