19 Apr ’15: One Longfellow Square in Portland, ME

Setlist (to be completed)

1 Harbor
2 Landsailor
3 The Tower
4 Gravity
5 The Last Snowfall
6 Never Look Away
7 City Hall
8 Antebellum
9 In The 99
10 Recessional
[TBC] 30 second snippet of a new song
[TBC] Grandmother Song
[TBC] Say Uncle
[TBC] Lullabye For A Stormy Night


First soundcheck of tour w/@thebollands!

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About to go onstage. Feeling grateful already.

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…Vienna knows her audience, and knows how to work with them; pretty much, her setlist was a series of requests passionately advocated for by members of the audience. She also had what was essentially a sing-along at the very end, and it was the kind of song that even though it was my first time hearing it, I picked it up immediately and was able to join in with everyone. It was just, good vibes. The entire concert was lots of good vibes. an incredible amount of good vibes.

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