17 Oct ’15: Hugh’s Room in Toronto


1 Harbor
2 Eric’s Song
3 Whatever You Want
4 Gravity
5 Never Look Away
6 Homecoming
7 Blue Caravan
8 The Last Snowfall
9 The Hymn of Acxiom
10 Landsailor
11 Stray Italian Greyhound
12 Level Up
13 Annie’s Song
14 Ain’t No Sunshine/Lose Yourself
15 Grandmother Song

Set break

1 Close To Home
2 Goodnight New York
3 Recessional
4 Boy At The Piano
5 Green Island Serenade
6 Soon Love Soon



Literally right next to the stage at the #viennateng concert

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Mind. blown. So incredibly honoured to meet @viennatengmusic tonight. Her show was incredible. Please come back soon!

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The day didn't start out well. I'm coming off a two-day gastritis attack and I was slightly tetchy because of it. I was also way too wound up and excited for this, the first time I would see one of my top two favourite singers in concert. But it all melted away – and I swung into what is my state of being during these. The lights and the sounds and the drumming of the piano and the sweet heart-hurt – they were there through every song. With @viennatengmusic, I know every word, every lilt, every note. So it was walking down the old roads with an old friend, with all that familiarity and warmth. This was taken by my best friend during the last song, one we all sang on. The harmonies were transcendent in that moldy-smelling old club. The smiles were dreamy and the music was beyond what my usual capacity of words can describe. I was quite simply honoured. It's not every day you get to confront your lucky life head on. I am decompressing, as I always do, but the memories and feelings aren't fading. In fact, they grow stronger – you have touched me. I am so glad that through our small meeting, I got to be a person that touched your life in some way, too.

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#viennateng Amazing Performance in Toronto!

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