Soiled Dove Underground - Denver, CO January 7, 2017

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Soiled Dove Underground - Denver, CO January 7, 2017

Postby mtns842 » Sun Jan 08, 2017 6:23 pm

An awesome evening as always with Vienna Teng and her amazing talents. A benefit show for the Citizen's Climate Lobby ( This is a grassroots citizen-powered action group promoting bipartisan legislation towards a market-based carbon fee and dividend framework for reducing carbon emissions - an important message and pressing need for our planet earth!

Set list (from memory, could be some out-of-order):

Anna Rose
Eric's Song
Shasta (Carrie's Song)
Homecoming (Walter's Song)
Never Look Away
City Hall
Stray Italian Grayhound
Go on Make Promises (with Jacob Corvidae, vocals)

Introduction to Citizen's Climate Lobby

My Medea
Landsailor (with Jacob Corvidae, vocals)
1 BR / 1 BA (Mark Silberg, Cello)
Blue Caravan (Mark Silberg, Cello)
Whatever You Want
Level Up
In The Breaking Light (with Jacob Corvidae, vocals)
Soon Love, Soon
Grandmother Song

Good Night New York
Green Island Serenade (dedicated to Indigo, Jacob's daughter, who Vienna shared will be studying abroad in Taiwan next year)

Cellist Mark Silberg is a colleague of Jacob's at Rocky Mountain Institute and friend of Jacob and Vienna.
I have to say it was pretty cool to hear the cello in Blue Caravan again :) and of course laughs at the "string shrieks" from the upstairs neighbors in 1 BR / 1 BA.

All in all a magical evening - one of many Vienna has given us!

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Re: Soiled Dove Underground - Denver, CO January 7, 2017

Postby cmooreNC » Fri Dec 29, 2017 5:31 pm

A magical evening it was indeed! (my apologies for replying so long after you posted.... seems I haven't been on here all year!)

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