Six String Cafe in Cary, NC was incredible

Relate your impressions from a show, post setlists, etc ...

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Postby ballegre » Mon Apr 19, 2004 1:15 am

Vienna made a late scheduled stop at Six String on April 16. Apparently Kyler's opening act cancelled. As we all know, Vienna owes Kyler :). But I am glad. Both artists were remarkable. My first time seeing Vienna or Kyler live. I never heard a voice float like Vienna's - it's like a dream that drifts in and out of my mind. The last set Vienna and Kyler traded songs alternately backing each other up.

Those two together - no words. I wish it was recorded so I can hear it all again. What struck me while I was listening was that these two woman couldn't possibly be further apart, genetically and culturally. Vienna a ethnic Taiwanese classically trained, Kyler a grass-roots southern girl, yet hearing them perform it was apparent that humanly they couldn't possibly be closer. A whole truley greater than the parts - and the parts are pretty damned good!

I really hope those 2 collaborate more in the future. Perhaps even co-author a piece or two. I would love to hear what they come up with. I was so engrossed by the music that evening that I never paid any attention to the playlist. Perhaps someone else did and can post a follow-up.

When I hear Vienna CD's now I like them even more than ever. Strange phenomenon that is...

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Postby Steve J » Tue Apr 20, 2004 2:06 am

Hey Ballegre, I was there too, and I agree it was great. Vienna and Kyler really like each other and it shows. They are both very special people. I drove over from Charlotte. I got there around 7:00 and talked to each of them several different times during the night. They are so similar in some ways, such as in graciousness with fans (no matter how shy we fans sometimes are), and in their intelligence, but different in other ways. Too bad Vienna is leaving NC after tonight for a while, but back later, thank goodness. KYLER will be in Charlotte this Thursday the 22nd, so i will see her again... yeahhhhh....
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Postby wolding » Thu Apr 22, 2004 4:26 am

I, too, was too enthralled to write down a set list. I decided to just enjoy the show and the atmosphere Vienna and Kyler created. But in a short time I should be able to write it out, so check back later. One big highlight for me was "1000 Oceans", which Vienna plays so beautifully. This time it was in recognition of the Tori Amos / RAINN Benefit being held the next night. At the tribute, Kyler told me that someone said that she and Vienna make a cute couple (or something like that).

This time I also want to thank Vienna for making the drive down from Virginia.

And for all the times I've seen / heard Harbor on TV and radio, it is an absolute thrill to see Vienna perform it in person. This time I was able to watch her hands. Vienna's articulation and accuracy are truly amazing.

It was also good to some folks from this forum. But thanks most of all to Vienna for making such a special night!

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Postby wolding » Thu Apr 22, 2004 4:02 pm

Vienna played the first set:
Shasta; Homecoming; 1000 Oceans; Shine; Boy At The Piano; Gravity; Unwritten Letter #1; Green Island Serenade.

Kyler played the second set:
Lay It On Me; The One; Snowed In; Dead End; Carrie; Laika; Live Wire; Just Under The Skin.

Then they played together on each other's songs for the third set:
The Tower (V); Higher Ground (K); Enough To Go By (V); The Scientist (K); Harbor (V); Something So Beautiful (K).

So, what happens when two excellent artists, who led "separate-but-parallel lives", get together on the same stage?
Something So Beautiful!!!!
Thanks again for a wonderful night.

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Postby Michele » Thu Apr 22, 2004 5:21 pm

hunts for "The Scientist" in Kyler's set

....discovers it's in the dual set...

...stomps off in despair from being deprived from all these amazing duo shows

Kyler can't move out to the west coast fast enough. :lol:

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