Hi Vienna, a couple of questions here...

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Hi Vienna, a couple of questions here...

Postby Jessie_k4758 » Wed Dec 12, 2007 10:08 am

Hi Vienna,

I discovered your music by chance in late November after returning from vacationing in San Francisco. I know fantastic music when I hear it and so I bought all 3 of your albums early last week and then came up to NYC to see you perform at the Blender Theater on Dec. 6. My friend and I were one of the "standers"--the strain on the back and legs was absolutely worth it!!!

Your lyrics are reminiscent of Simon & Garfunkel to me. (Now if they ever reunited, I would pay big money to see them! LOL) Will you be coming to the DC area one day?

Here are my questions:
1. Did you take voice lessons or is your voice natural? I ask b/c in one of the songs, you hold a note for awhile then automatically (no breath taken in that I saw) transition into singing.
2. Where did you buy your boots you were wearing on Thursday at the performance? My friend and I loved them! (BTW, you look like you could be sisters with my friend).

Thanks Vienna for your warm and great music and have a happy holidays :)


P.S. Tell Alex I said hi. I smiled at him during one set and he smiled back (I was the Asian standing in the front, wearing glasses and a dark top with gold horizontal strips). Not only is he incredibly talented, he's cute!

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