Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2 - New York, NY December 21, 2016

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Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2 - New York, NY December 21, 2016

Postby Michele » Thu Dec 22, 2016 10:01 pm

Wasn't there last night, but a taper kindly fought death plague to send a recording to me. And now that I'm done typing this out, videos are up. Of course! They don't have between song banter though...

V starts the show saying she has a plan for the end of the show, but not the beginning. The first shouted request is for Antebellum, then The Last Snowfall, then others.
V asks if enough people know Alex's part for Antebellum, answer is yes.
V tells a story about writing The Last Snowfall right before a Rockwood Stage 1 show, and she'd just gotten the looper and was nervous. She put it on a music stand, and Alex saw it falling and somehow managed to fix it while still playing.
After a passionate, urgent version of Level Up, V tells the story about sitting in climate change lecture, being asked if anyone thinks if we're going to make it, nobody raises their hands, but writing is her way to do something about it. Leads in to Landsailor with Jacob.
V asks for requests again, a bunch of people ask for The Tower, but she settles on Recessional.
She noodles around with some chords, but mutters she can't remember that one, and plays Stray instead.
V mentions not having performed a song from the musical much, warns she might peter out in the middle, or just start mumbling. "Whoever asked for Force of Nature, do you have a way of looking it up on the internet?"
"It's interesting to try to pretend I'm a world famous spiritual guru grappling with my inner demons for three minutes. Thanks for asking for that, it was fun getting the elves in my heads to get the lyric cue cards together, frantically shuffling. 'This one!'"
There are lots of requests for Harbor, but she never gets around to it.
Vienna talks about one of her favorite social media posts of someone bemoaning artists always writing songs about New York. "But I listened to it, and I guess it's alright." Vienna says maybe it's because the song isn't really about New York. She says she tried to finish it before leaving New York, but never really finished it, she just had a show and managed to write words that rhymed.
No intro or outro for Flyweight, boo hoo.
GOMP is called another fond memory of Rockwood song. Since Paul went down the street to drink a whiskey to write his verse, Jacob was playing the whiskey fueled part.
Intro to Bridge, slightly shortened: We live in a weird time, my friends. I've been doing a lot of soul searching on what I should do: protest more than I'm comfortable with, write more letters than I'm in the habit of doing, go more out of my way to be kind and see things from a new perspective, and maybe the answer is all of the above. This is an old song, I know I tweeted there might be new covers, but that part was a lie sorry, I ran out of time. I thought I would do a cover of Bowie that would segue into Prince into Leonard Cohen, but as I planned it got worse and worse. So maybe that will still happen someday. Meantime this was written a long time ago by a New Yorker, and maybe it works for this moment in time.
"Soon Love Soon!" "Oh, OK" Blergh, I'm crying
City Hall delivered the promise of anticipated horns, with Cecil Scheib on trombone and Brandon Ridenour on trumpet, vamping during the instrumentals, with V getting to stretch a bit and play some ragtime. V connected with Brandon from his piece performed at Le Poisson Rouge of an orchestral full band with Pink Floyd, Radiohead, and a VT song mixed in. Band called Founders, playing at Rockwood. Cecil's part of Hungry Marching Band, and the sustainability mafia of NY. They got together an hour before to rehearse.
Intro to The Breaking Light, paraphrased - We're going to get everyone up here, including a friend of mine, Joel Dabu, who lives here, went to grad school together and was a source of strength and solace as we got through that together
Thank you to Rockwood's tech people who make this place sound amazing with no soundcheck at all
I think Jacob says: "Just to be clear, Joel's the real singer here, I'm going to lead you in what you're singing"
V loops her voice instead of a glass of water
V wishes people Happy Holidays, but after some clapping, comes back for Grandmother Song

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