Stageit online performances June 28 2014

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Stageit online performances June 28 2014

Postby Michele » Mon Jun 30, 2014 3:31 am

Vienna plays an online show featuring solo versions of songs from her acclaimed 2013 album Aims—which has garnered a record-breaking four Independent Music Awards—live from her living room in Detroit, Michigan. This is a rare StageIt appearance for Vienna, who's been busy with pursuits outside of music.

Proceeds will benefit the Ha-Huynh family:
Josephine Huynh is a long-time supporter of Vienna and the independent music community, and recently lost her father to Stage IV lung cancer. Your contributions will help her family to heal from their loss and to establish their financial security in the years to come.

The StageIt album series becomes complete! Although, I think she should do a show with all the songs from each show which didn't get played because she ran out of time...

Goodnight New York (on piano, driven by her left hand, with harmonizer for backing vocals)
Close To Home (on piano)
Never Look Away (on piano) "I realized there is a soul to it that maybe actually works as a piano song, and I'm slowly finding my way there."
She just started pounding away on this one before the "some nights" bridge. Throw yer glow sticks in the air!
V introduces her new drummer, the PorchBoard. "I have not attempted to do this in a live show before"
Level Up on keyboard with the PorchBoard. She reaches over before "Level up and love again" to turn the harmonizer on...
- Then turns it off before the first piano solo
- Then at the end of the piano, swings her mic over and gradually switches to piano. The comparison to Tori's keyboard setup is made, but really, she's doing way more than Tori for a switchover.
Flyweight Love - first time solo! On piano, with the robots not cooperating, but rocking the low end at the end using the MicroKorg, and then a wild mandolin appeared out of nowhere. The analog instrument decided to mutiny with the robots - it had been knocked over prior to the show, and was out of tune.
In The 99 - first time solo! With looper, piano, and the MicroKorg. She pulled it off impressively, she just needs to play it more and get comfortable with it.
The Breaking Light - first time solo! Looped the audience part in first, then closed the piano key lid and looped in the wine glass sound...
...Then started over. The wine glass wasn't in tune, I think. She then used her voice instead of the glass, sang the first verse on top of it, then added a wine bottle to the loop. The piano came in later. She sang Alex's part for the end.
Landsailor, on piano, more contemplative: "There's something that feels like something different would come out with it if it were slower"

Vienna mentioned on Facebook that she wanted to do a second take for some of the songs, which eventually turned into an impromptu Let's do it again! show a few hours later. The show time had gotten changed from EDT to PDT at some point, and some people got the first bad notice but not the second correction, so it worked out.

Never Look Away - this time on moodier keyboard and PorchBoard
Go On Make Promises - on piano, with the end having looped harmonies on each other
something like Get Lucky by Daft Punk - she was playing this in soundcheck, and tried some of it again. She doesn't know the song, so it's mostly just the beat and the chorus, looping all the layers on each other
Flyweight Love - this time with happier robots. There was a great piano jam for the second chorus :)
Copenhagen (no cup, percussion from scatting, clapping, and slapping piano) - love that dramatic piano through the whole song...but then it just ended, I missed the dramatic ending, heh.
Let Go by Frou Frou (Imogen Heap) - on piano, with looped vocals just to start - a misread "Let It Go" request, Vienna previously played this for Sacramento VIPs last November.
Drive (on piano) "trying to recall from my brain, which has erased it apparently, how it goes"
Force of Nature (on piano)

"Now that I have the living room set up, I will try to do this more often."

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