Freight and Salvage - Berkeley, CA December 28, 2013

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Freight and Salvage - Berkeley, CA December 28, 2013

Postby Michele » Tue Dec 31, 2013 5:46 am

Copenhagen (Someone put a cup in the request bowl, so she used it. I liked the three from Between before leading into three trains of thought in Copenhagen. Ending was fine this time, crowd went crazy again)
- Vienna and Tanya introduce The Fourth Messenger: format is original/cut version of a song, then what it turned into -
Vienna sings the start of Debunk Nation
- the premiere cast (Reggie, Annemaria, Anna, Will, Daniel, and Cathleen) and music director (Eryn Allen) enter -
The Truth Must Come Out
Peeling A Carrot
Monkey Mind
Rope Burn
The Human Experience (When this ended, everyone was frozen. Applause lasted a long time. Yes, Cathleen still really cries, every time, through all the years and the different characters she's played.)
- fundraiser pitch: cast recording is estimated to cost $45K. This was the kickoff to the fundraising effort; the plan is to have another IndieGoGo project next year for it -
Bois Riche

The Last Snowfall
I Don't Feel So Well
The Hymn of Acxiom (since there was no keyboard, this was ON PIANO with no harmonizer - she said this was how the song started out)
Pencil Sketch
Stray Italian Greyhound
Recessional (asked for audience to sing along at the end)
Daughter (requested by one of our forum members, who was watching on Concert Window - VT told her story, and the song also fit with the musical)
What About Me (Lou, our sound guy for these Freight shows, audibly got it during the reveal. Yes)
- the company returns -
As Long As I Am Living
Look To The Thought

Ain't No Sunshine/Lose Yourself (Reggie went crazy when he heard the Barry White button in soundcheck. Love him.)
Green Island Serenade

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Re: Freight and Salvage - Berkeley, CA December 28, 2013

Postby cmooreNC » Tue Dec 31, 2013 6:47 pm


I personally LOVE Reggie, too. Of all the cast members, he was the one I found most memorable in the premier. Just so funny as the "stomach!" :D

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