Bush Hall, London November 1, 2013

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Bush Hall, London November 1, 2013

Postby Michele » Tue Nov 05, 2013 6:36 am

Most of the show is on YouTube, but it didn't have an index, so despite wanting to be surprised to hear how the show has evolved, I sat and tracked it out. To jump through the timeline, hover over my YouTube comments to see the links.

Harbor (vid has the first verse only)
Blue Caravan (now with Alex back on waterphone, Jordan on guitar - vid has the intro only)
Level Up (middle missing on the vid)
Kickstarter discussion -> Matter article (Matter was also a Kickstarter project) about body integrity identity disorder (I had forgotten how she put that together for the intro in San Diego)
Close to Home
The Hymn of Acxiom - different setup due to equipment failure prior to the show, unrehearsed
The Breaking Light
Alex plays the Downton Abbey theme on the keyboard
Oh Mama No (no intro other than song title - there was no coming back from the previous song snippet)
Alex did a Cartman impression
Are You Listening (Jordan now does the higher vocal for the chorus)
Flyweight Love - now with shaker
In The 99 - Vienna thanks the crowd for standing, and says this song is good for a club where you're standing
Copenhagen - now with heavier improv before Vienna leaves the keyboard, and she triumphantly held her cup aloft before starting her percussion
Goodnight New York - intro about how the German booking agency was for jazz, and all the descriptions of the venues had long titles she couldn't read that were like jazz/folk/pop, which was misleading with all the electronics for this tour, but this song got back to that a bit. They had to squish together on stage.
Creative Commons discussion (sadly cut on the vid) about not policing downloads -> using Kickstarter to request for help (also cut) -> asking for help on Grandmother Song, mentions since she started watching Downton Abbey, she thinks of her grandmother as (a character or something I can't make out); Alex suggests Dowager (there's a Dowager countess...)
Grandmother Song (with "Single Ladies" in the middle and a Downton Abbey impression thrown in at the end)

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