Fabrik, Hamburg, Oct. 28, 2013

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Fabrik, Hamburg, Oct. 28, 2013

Postby Cooler Near The Lake » Tue Oct 29, 2013 10:48 pm

The Hamburg concert was different from the other two I had been to as there was a support act, a local band named Cate's Leila.
Since it was already 9:50 PM when Vienna entered the stage they played without intermission until the encore. So here is the setlist. Trio unless indicated otherwise.

1. Harbor (VT)
2. Blue Caravan (VT/JH)
3. Level Up ("bringing some energy to the stage")
4. Landsailor (featuring Alex as The Greedy Capitalism and Jordan as The Cry of the Wilderness)
5. Close to Home (I may be wrong, but I had the impression that Vienna didn't feel quite comfortable with the live version of this song; and for future concerts it would be nice if she could give some explanation as the lyrics are rather difficult to understand, particularly for non-native speakers)
6. The Hymn of Acxiom (featuring the Vienna girls choire button)
7. Anna Rose (a lovely solo rendition from Vienna, audience request)
8. The Breaking Light (perfect with two wine glasses, water bottle, waterphone and Jordan on "string")
9. Antebellum (Mullebetna version, as in the other concerts of the current tour)
10. Oh Mama No (with a very touching personal story about her grandmother's escape from the Communist revolution to Taiwan; Alex on piano)
11. Flyweight Love (with a stunning multivocal looped intro/background)
12. In the 99 (Vienna joining forces with Alex and Jordan for big percussion finale)
13. Copenhagen / Cuppenhagen (lots of laughter as one of the cups fell off the box, Jordan struggling to catch it, Alex sabotaging her by trying to blow the cup down from the box again, - and a huge round of applause at the end)
14. Good Night New York (acoustic)

Encore #1 (Alex Wong Trio):

15. Brooklyn Blurs (on my request)
16. Are You Listening ("punishing" [own words] the audience by asking them to join the "Yeah" chorus)

Encore #2:

17. The Tower (audience request; VT/AW)
18. Grandmother Song

A well-deserved standing ovation at the end of the set. Both the Bernau and Hamburg shows were, in my ears, much stronger performances than the one in Koblenz that was somewhat marred by sound problems (too strong basses, almost nothing to be heard from Jordan although I had an excellent seat with respect to the loudspeakers) and possibly jetlag - well, they are humans.

Big thank-you to Vienna, Alex, and Jordan!
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