Hotel Cafe, 6/29/09

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Hotel Cafe, 6/29/09

Postby murlough23 » Wed Jul 01, 2009 12:30 am

Was anyone else at Vienna's Hotel Cafe show last night in Hollywood? My wife and I came to see Katie Herzig, actually. Though I knew Katie was opening for Vienna at some East Coast shows, I had no idea that they were performing together in L.A. So this was one hell of a bonus - two excellent singer/songwriter performances for the price of one.

Vienna's set was entirely solo (save for two songs when a "professor" contributed accordion and clarinet), and made good use of her looping device on several songs. Here's the setlist - brief, but excellent nonetheless:

Blue Caravan
In Another Life
City Hall
The Last Snowfall
Grandmother Song

The audience was asked for participation on several songs - the expected single-note backing vocals that got looped on "Gravity" and the handclaps on "City Hall" and "Grandmother Song" (we were encouraged to hoot and holler and catcall during the latter, though Vienna noted that we'd be catcalling her grandmother, who she supposed was pretty hot as grandmothers go!), and we got to sing Alex's part on "Antebellum" (that's for all you fans who don't like Alex's vocals, I guess - actually, it was because he got tied up in the studio with The Paper Raincoat and had to bail on her).

She also came out to sing and play piano on Katie's song "Wish You Well". Great collaboration, though Vienna's voice seemed a bit low in the mix (though with four women on stage and all miked, there was a lot of competition in the tasty female vocal department). I had just been thinking, prior to Katie's set, that these two delectable voices should really collaborate at some point. So that was a weird moment of musical fantasies actually being satisfied!

Anyway, for any of you East Coast folks who are going to be seeing Vienna soon with Katie as the opening act, you are in for a double treat. I'd say Katie's set was as excellent as Vienna's, which is a hard thing to accomplish.

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