Vienna needs to relocate and perform in Branson, Missouri

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Vienna needs to relocate and perform in Branson, Missouri

Postby Ang Mo » Tue Aug 11, 2015 3:06 am

Vienna started her career in the Bay Area around San Francisco, then moved east to the Big Apple, then moved to the northern middle west of the USA to Ann Arbor and now I am thinking the next move should be Branson, Missouri. Now Amy Cox might be her General Manager and Jordan Burger might be her booking agent, but I am her completely unofficial, uninvited, unwanted tarrot card reader, seer, sage, mentalist (ask my Psychiatrist), and realtor. Now Branson does not just offer country music, although it is known for that with the likes of Dolly Parton, The Statler Brothers, Johnny Cash when he was alive, and many more, but it also has singers such as Andy Williams (RIP), who was more along the lines of the whole chamber pop thing. Anyhow the big draw is the fact it is a music friendly town with a lot of its economy depending on musical entertainment, but even better than that is the incredibly low price of affordable real estate! I have found Vienna a great place to live in a Condo on Table Rock Lake. Check it out. Great view above the lake and those trees change to a vivid red and gold in the fall.

All I ask is my usual Million dollar finders fee........................just kidding............but it would still be cheaper than a dumpy house in California.
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