VERY RARE and beautiful song – how to get it???

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VERY RARE and beautiful song – how to get it???

Postby Volkmar » Thu Jul 25, 2013 8:31 am

Dear Vienna Teng friends,

in the posting
there is a link to

One of the songs that can be downloaded there is called “Waking Hour”.
Yes, the song is called like Vienna’s first album - but it’s not included on that album (and not on any of the other albums) and it’s also not included in any of the “internet archive” concerts.
It’s just playing Vienna the piano … and really a very beautiful song.
The only downside is, it’s a MP3 file with just 128 kbit and that’s why I’m looking whether …

… anybody can help me how to find this song with a higher bit rate?

Best regards,


Vienna, if you read this: I assume that you have some more songs like this one that have not been officially released, right?
Why not make a release “Vienna’s Rare Tracks”, I think many fans would like this!
(maybe as commercial internet download with mp3 320 kbit and uncompressed flac format)

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Re: VERY RARE and beautiful song – how to get it???

Postby Steve » Thu Jul 25, 2013 2:06 pm

Thanks for reminding me - I'm now listening to it again. I believe it's one of several songs and snippets that used to be on a page of the original website. There was a picture of rows of seats, and if you hovered over each one you could find the "easter egg" gems hidden on the page. I've never seen another version, but maybe someone else here will know more.

Here's a list of what I got from that page one day in 2002: Anna Rose (1:57), Rain in England (0:55), In My Arrival (0:49), Urbanismo (1:35), Afternoon in Off-White (1:43), Themes for Public Radio (1:10), Undone (1:22), Shasta (0:54).

Edit: Actually, looking at the file date of Waking Hour (3:18), I downloaded it in 2006 so maybe it was from a different source. Some help I am!

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Re: VERY RARE and beautiful song – how to get it???

Postby Michele » Thu Jul 25, 2013 7:05 pm

"Waking Hour" is still around, but you're still going to have to look for it ;) There's also a live vid of it from way back when. And I've recently reminded Vienna that there's a demand for these unreleased tracks. I'm hoping now that she's on Bandcamp she'll put some odds and ends up at some point, and in higher quality.

Thanks for asking about it, that reminds me, I think I still haven't heard it played as an intro going into Harbor yet, need to request it again...

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Re: VERY RARE and beautiful song – how to get it???

Postby Shugenja » Tue Jul 30, 2013 10:00 am

I am an amature musician. I love music, with all of my heart, and I strive each day to one day have the skill to produce it with the fluidity and grace that true artists like Vienna demonstrate in even their outakes. Like Vienna once was, I am a lowly software engineer by day, dreaming one day of having what it takes to produce something which musically speaks as clearly and as beautifully as I might hope.

The existence of recordings like these even as unreleased recordings both reminds me how far I have to go and inspires me to continue pushing to get there.

I have been a Vienna Teng fan for a great number of years (since the Waking Hour album was new). Her music (all of it) is stunning and beautiful, and should all be preserved. I therefore add my vote for a higher-quality of this to be made available, whether for download or purchase. And of course, my best wishes and eager ears go to her in anticipation of new music. Vienna has a skill I only wish I had, and a talent I can only dream of having. I look forward to hearing more!

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