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Close to Home

Postby artmarcia » Wed Oct 02, 2013 4:23 am

The song from AIMS that I'm having the most trouble figuring out is "Close to Home" but it's slowly coming into focus.

The singer is having trouble justifying his own soul with the ideal person being held up to him as a model: "Harmonize your own worth to what you're shown, normalized and nowhere close to home." What is "normal" doesn't feel authentic to his experience. He is rejecting the lifestyle encouraged by parents? Religion? "So change these rules and let's cross all the sacred boundaries we've overgrown."

I'm floundering around here in the dark--NEED feedback!! What's your interpretation of this song?

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Re: Close to Home

Postby cmooreNC » Wed Oct 02, 2013 2:47 pm

She has stated that she wrote this song on the topic of Body Integrity Identity Disorder after she read an article or book (I can't remember which) on the subject.... ... y_disorder

As with many of her songs, she is somewhat subtle in her approach and personal interpretation is certainly left up to the listener. But that is the underlying topic that led to the creation of the lyrics. Yet in recent shows she has mentioned that she recorded the song with a specific attempt to "sound sexy." Which adds a whole different layer, in my opinion.

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Re: Close to Home

Postby aaparallel » Wed Oct 02, 2013 6:42 pm

Actually, like all of the songs on this new album, she started with the music first. The chord progression sounded "sexy" to her, so she had an idea to make it about the body, and how what may be perverse to some people may be normal to other people. Then she read the article in MATTER about BIID, and the passionate way in which it was written helped her finish the lyrics. So the disorder is not the underlying theme of the song, but that article did inspire parts of it. I personally think of the song as an intelligent take on the "just be yourself"/"be comfortable in your own skin" message. Great song! :)
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Re: Close to Home

Postby MannyQ » Thu Oct 03, 2013 5:29 am

I assumed the song was about a transgendered person. Or, at least people in a similar set of circumstances. So body integrity disorder makes sense.

The first version brings a imagery of being unhappy with yourself due to extrinsic factors.

"harmonize your own worth to what you’re shown "

Feelings of worthlessness are really common in the trans community.

"so change these rules and let’s cross
all the sacred boundaries we’ve overgrown
build a brave new foundry close to home "

That spoke to me of social progress on this front. There are few boundaries as sacred as sexual identity.

"here’s unbroken bone
it’s a psalm from the book of lies
language you don’t recognize as part of your own"

I love that VT is never afraid to take a pot shot at religious ideologies.

"pay them all to sign on
diagnose some fault line most will know
and raise your life a new dawn
tyrant of your cells now overthrown
never have you felt so close to home"

To me that read as going through therapy that most trans people are forced to endure, being told they are broken in some way, then saying fuck it and going forward with a change. Being liberated from a body that you feel is a prison.

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Re: Close to Home

Postby Seve1936 » Thu Sep 28, 2017 7:57 am

I have no problems listening album Aims, i love the way she sing it!! she helps me deal with my health needs... i need to search for hgh reviews now because of these health issues and that's so hard!

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