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CD availability

Postby arcsol » Tue Feb 20, 2007 7:06 am

i'd like to ask the management if there are any news of the new album hitting the shores of the Republic of the Philippines, that rather backwater country where movie actors and boxers run (and que horror, win) for public office, where the food is very nice, dialup internet connection is *still* king and the postal service leaves much to be desired.

so far, the 1st two albums are in some record store racks (tower/music one only) and i've been hearing some of vienna's songs over the radio, albeit rarely. oh yeah, i've been pimping her music to friends, acquaintances, forums... you name it.

any chance of the cd landing here? i'm leery of the postal service and since i'm just a college dude, i don't have much moolah that i can use to order stuff online.

thanks for the replies.
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