So, how did you discover Vienna?

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Alethia Su
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Postby Alethia Su » Wed Jun 25, 2003 11:28 pm

I heard about Vienna from a friend of mine who was sick at home and happened to hear '...this really lovely piano player and singer on NPR' and wanted to check it out. She played the CD Waking Hour at her house while I was over, and I fell in love. I'm still hooked and probably will be for awhile! B)
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Postby Kat » Thu Jun 26, 2003 8:33 pm

I first heard of her through the Ecto list -- a mailing list devoted to "ectophilic" music. Basically, it started as a Happy Rhodes fanlist (she released an album entitled Ecto, hence the name), but now it's basically a list discussing a wide variety of artists, mostly female singer-songwriters (Happy, Vienna, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Sarah Slean, Jane Siberry, and so on, and so on...) but goes all over the musical map. (And Vienna herself has been sighted there once in a blue moon. :-))

<a href='' target='_blank'></a>

A few people raved about Waking Hour, which made other people go out and buy it, who then raved about it, so I went to the website to listen to the songs. After I'd had them on repeat for about three days straight I figured I really needed the whole album. (And now I rave about it to other people, who go out and buy it, and...)

Side note: I've heard of quite a few other artists well worth checking out on the Ectophiles' Guide website. It's worth a look...

<a href='' target='_blank'></a>

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Postby sumz » Fri Jun 27, 2003 6:58 pm

I've got the amazon website to thank for this incredible discovery. I started out searching for the cd of a canadian singer, Kathleen Edwards. When i found it, there was a link on the page for a cd that had been recommended in addition to Failer (KE's cd). Anyway, followed the link, but didn't much like the music...but there was a similar link on this page....and, of course it was to Waking Hour. I fell in love. I've got the entire cd on my computer but it's not good enough. I've ordered the cd from amazon for 40 dollars (can't believe no canadian retailer has it!!!). Anyhoo, can't wait till i get it!!! so excited.....beautiful music. touches the soul...beautiful.


Postby Guest_Frances » Fri Jun 27, 2003 9:24 pm

whoah, $40 Cdn? too bad you didn't go through Virt Records directly. it would have cost
around $28 Cdn (including Customs handling charges & taxes). I had checked out Amazon
too but it was kind of a rip-off.

for all you people out there who are reading this and don't have the CD -- order from Virt
Records directly, especially if you are Canadian because Virt was kind enough to not charge
me for shipping.


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Postby MissJSerenity » Mon Jun 30, 2003 5:06 am

I heard of Vienna through a friend who saw her play in Boston at Kendall Cafe a few months ago. And he heard of her because a friend of his actually knows her family and her personally.

My friend encouraged me to listen to some of her sample music, and I was hooked ever since.
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Postby Kim » Thu Jul 03, 2003 10:34 pm

A friend of mine told me that she saw her on David Letterman and that I would love her. So after a couple of weeks of her reminding me to buy the CD online ('cause she couldn't find it in the stores) I was bored at work one day and decided to buy it. Now I'm in love with her.

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Postby swimming » Sun Jul 06, 2003 12:29 pm

I was listening to sound clips at CD BABY one night and Vienna Teng's was the only CD that stood out and sounded excellent. I got the CD and wasn't disappointed one bit! Another singer-songwriter that I have been equally impressed with is <a href='' target='_blank'>Katy Pfaffl</a> who plays violin, piano, and taught herself guitar. Her CD can be found at CDBaby too <a href='' target='_blank'></a>
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Postby mikkola » Wed Jul 16, 2003 1:45 am

i was just visiting tower records one time at makati, philippines... and i just got hypnotized with her voice and decided to by her cd impulsively... and yes my decision was so worth it...

vienna... i love your cd... coolness...


Postby RichLA » Sat Jul 19, 2003 7:18 pm played one of her songs and I was immediately transfixed. I found her web site, played all her mp3s. Just received her CD from Amazon two days ago and have played it several times already. About the best way I can describe what I like about Vienna's music is that she leaves me wanting to hear more.


Postby NedRock » Mon Jul 21, 2003 6:18 am

I heard "The Tower" on the sampler disk from Issue #2 of Paste Magazine and was impressed enough to search out the album, which I have been heralding everywhere as the debut of the best of this exceptional generation of young female singer-songwriter-pianists (and that includes Norah).

Paste is an invaluable resource for those who want more than they get on commercial radio.


Postby DreamCatcher » Mon Jul 21, 2003 8:45 am

<span style='color:purple'>they were talking about her in the RBJ forum.
when I went to her site and heard her sone Lullabye for a Stormy Night, I was hooked.</span>

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Postby CrazyOne » Mon Jul 28, 2003 3:56 am

I heard the NPR interview, that was my introduction. In fact, I woke up to it that Sunday. I always set the radio to come on at the 8am start of Weekend Edition on the weekends, but that day, well, I don't remember quite where in the schedule Vienna's interview was, but I was still in bed. So I'm barely awake, but I'm hearing this music, and that is getting my attention! Lovely piano, amazing voice. I got up and sat at the computer before I lost track of the name. I looked it up, and a couple hours later I was walking out of my closest Borders with the CD. Luckily they had the *one* copy in stock. I'd have gone nuts if I couldn't buy it that day. I opened it in the parking lot and popped it right into the car's CD player. I don't think I've ever had music captivate me quite that much before.

The one other person I've turned onto Vienna's music is a good friend of mine in Boston. She was able to catch the Borders show there a few weeks ago and I know did talk to Vienna and get a CD signed. :) In fact, she works for Borders, in the Braintree, Mass store. Despite the fact that her role is mainly with books, she got Waking Hour playing in the overhead music rotation. I believe they've sold a dozen or more copies out of that store. I know she said they had 15 originally and they're almost sold out, pretty good I think for where Vienna is right now.

I'm happily shocked there is a Pittsburgh date on the fall tour calendar! I'll be there. I wanted to get to one of the other "nearby" (meaning within 4-5 hour drive) shows, but I've never gotten the timing to work right. I'm happy I'll have at least this one chance to see a show in small venue. :)
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Postby syclick » Tue Jul 29, 2003 5:18 am

DreamCatcher wrote: <span style='color:purple'>they were talking about her in the RBJ forum.</span>

Same here. Eric Cheng was hosting the RBJ get-together in SF and had asked Vienna to play. I picked up the CD a week before, to prep myself for the show. Needless to say, both the CD and the performance impressed me. ;)


Postby Guest_Dorrie » Thu Jul 31, 2003 10:39 am

med school with Kenny --> Kenny friends with Eric (of fame) --> Eric friends with Vienna --> <voila!> another victim of Vienna's beautiful voice :D


Postby oli » Sun Aug 03, 2003 6:21 am

my story...
well...its really quite simple...

i went to the mall with my mom...
she was going to do some grocery shopping...
so i decided to hang out in tower records...
on account of the fact...
that you can leave me anywhere where there is an abundance of music and books...
since i had the whole day to browse around, i decided to listen to every album in every listening stand there is in tower records...and...i kid you not...i was able to... soon as i entered tower records...
i was greeted by a listening stand playing the CD of an artist i know none of...beside it were stacks of CDs by said artist...
i picked up the headphones...hit play...heard the first track...which i liked very much...looked up the title...The finished...listened to next track...and the next...and the next...and before i knew it...i had finsihed the whole album...standing the entrance of tower records...
...the said artist was a woman by the name of Vienna Teng...
i bought her cd...
and that was the first i've heard of her...
everything else that i found afterwards...was...indeed...afterwards...
i fell in love with the music first...before the musician...

and the plot thickens...
im listening to her album this very moment...

"i need not to need
or else a love with intuition
someone who reaches out to my weakness
and won't let go
i need not to need
i've always been the tower
now i feel like i'm the flower
trying to bloom in snow"

...sometimes i think this song was written all about me...
how weird is that?

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