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Postby Norm » Tue May 20, 2003 5:35 pm

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Manager? You probably never envisioned needing a manager this soon in the game :)

1) This is probably the nature of the beast in the entertainment profession. With the acclaim the media and fans pile on someone, one can see where the ego can get out of control. I am happy that you continue to keep it up close and personal with the fans. This becomes almost impossible when an artist becomes too popular :(
2) The bigger the venue, the less the intimacy. I don't think a band will detract from the message unless it starts to be about the instruments, not the stories. Fans will still know the words, so it is possible to deliver the message among a thousand people. But nothing takes the place of just the piano and singer in front of 30 audience members.
3) Right you are. When you have hotel rooms, limos, chartered jets, and an entourage, it will all be sort of dead.
4) You're young. See how you feel about travelling a few years from now.

Keep up the great work :D

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