Vienna Teng and the Gravity dress

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Vienna Teng and the Gravity dress

Postby Ang Mo » Sat Nov 11, 2017 11:33 pm

I don't know anything about fashion but I read this interesting article on the dress that Vienna Teng wore in the "Gravity Video" and Vienna did look stunning it it. I know nothing about fashion but Vienna did look amazing in it.

This incredible psychological book I am reading has some interesting insight on why most women, and some men, are subject to fashion. In the days of Camelot, Jackie Onassis and Dior were sort of the fashion-setters so to speak. Some people accidentally created a fashion stir. When John Wayne's belt buckle slipped to one side in a scene in the movie Red River, thousands of urban cowboys began to buckle their belts to the side to be like "The Duke". On the female side Wallis Warfield Simpson appeared at Ascot with the second button of her blouse left inadvertently unbuttoned, millions of women followed suit. Regardless fashion comes and goes. Now to quote the book:

Thought Experiment: Assuming there is a certain perceived, or misperceived, authority behind the setting of a fashion, e.g., the attractiveness and fame of a Jackie O, John Wayne, or the putative knowledgeability of Dior, try to imagine the nature of the authority of the fashion-setter and the state of mind of the consumer which brought it to pass that women wore bustles, which made their rear ends grotesquely prominent when women's rear ends are already prominent, relatively speaking, than any other mammal's

So to clarify I don't think anyone wants to see Kim Kardashian, in a bustle, but maybe a 100 years ago they would have wanted changes...........
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