Movie Idea for Vienna Teng

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Movie Idea for Vienna Teng

Postby Ang Mo » Thu Nov 21, 2013 4:15 am

It is very cold and miserable outside and I came upon this knowledge by finishing a 3 mile walk out in it. Not much going on locally, the local tea party whack jobs are having there "Republicans for Voldemort Rally" so by not attending that I curled up in front of the tv and watched an old classic movie I liked called "The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao" It is an interesting fairy tale with a very happy ending which I always enjoy. It is quite entertaining and I came up with the idea of doing a remake as a musical. The original is not a musical, but this could be converted to one. Vienna could do the Barbara Eden character from the film and she could write the songs. Maybe the director she knows is getting tired of doing "Fast and Furious" movies and would want to tackle something new. For now I share the original movie soundtrack which I enjoy although it is just instrumental. here is the highly rated original version of the film on IMDb
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