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Song Ideas

Postby Ang Mo » Sun May 19, 2013 8:09 pm

I was reading where Vienna was talking about coming up with the idea for a song but struggling with coming up with the lyrics. The idea is there but to get everything to flow properly. I think she stated where "words need to start informing the arrangement rather than the other way around"

I am not musical but I am fascinated by words. It is fun to go on City Data Forums and read the comments on various topics concerning the pros and cons of living in a particular city and it is fun to listen to some of the rants on youtube by individuals about the human condition here on planet earth. This rant in particular made me laugh extremely hard because of the intensity of the one ranting offset by the beautiful classical music playing in the background.

I think Vienna could recover a wealth of potential lyrics for songs if she were to spend a few mintues reading or watching some of these. There seems to be so much dissent out there but at the same time it is all in an unorganized display. If someone could get these thoughts organized in a song I think it might become a hit.
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