Holiday phone calls (2012)....

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Holiday phone calls (2012)....

Postby cmooreNC » Thu Dec 20, 2012 8:43 pm

Okay, so how many others of you out there have signed up for these? My wife and I had a lovely chat with VT this morning on our commute in to work here in Charlotte. She (Vienna) was a little bit "lack of sleep" punchy, but deservedly so because it was 4 am her time (she's out in California on school break, of course) and was still up because she'd been working on composing/arrangements for The Fourth Messenger all night.

I'm guessing that she is doing about 10 of these calls, but that's just a guess because we didn't actually ask. She did say that we were the first call she was making.

What a cool idea and what a great way to not only support a worthy charity but also connect with some fans. We discussed live performance and the performer/audience connection quite a bit. But of course that was an easy common ground bond for all three of us as a topic of discussion. I imagine that each of these conversations will go differently for the participants.


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Re: Holiday phone calls (2012)....

Postby Ang Mo » Sun Dec 23, 2012 12:10 am

I would feel kind of bad calling her that early in the morning.... :D I would be too itimidated to really say or ask anything and she would probably be rolling her eyes when I would probably think up a question like, "So you like music?"

I was reading the news the other day and I was curious about why the paper was printing out humorous articles like "The Onion" when it dawned on me that it really wasn't kidding. It sure seemed like a joke but there it was. and it made me realize how much mental illness there is out in the world. Not sure if that would be an interesting song topic but maybe it would be something she could tackle in a calming rational non offensive way that Vienna is good at.
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