Joe Kapp the Honey Badger of the NFL

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Joe Kapp the Honey Badger of the NFL

Postby Ang Mo » Wed Nov 30, 2011 6:05 am

Even at 73 years of age Joe Kapp still packs a punch and is a tough guy. A lot of people talk about the so called tough Quarterbacks of today like Brett Favre, but Joe Kapp was much tougher. This short youtube video of some of his highlights as a Minnesota Viking kind of shows that he was not the kind of quarterback to do a hook slide or run out of bounds. He went straight ahead regardless of the consequence. His passes were beyond ugly but he sill holds the record for most touchdown passes in an NFL game with 7. Joe Kapp is the Honey Badger of the NFL. I would post the Honey Badger video for you to compare but the narrator uses a lot of profanity and would not be appropriate.

Musical idea this month is for Vienna to write a song about the Honeybadger of the NFL. I don't think she watches football though.
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