Let's have fun : stories behind musical instruments

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Let's have fun : stories behind musical instruments

Postby Walking Stranger » Tue Dec 28, 2010 7:39 am

During this slow time, what about telling stories behind musical instruments ?

Here is the story behind the Khaen / Khène discovered through this link :


This story that Ajahn tells is a folk story passed down from generation to generation in Laos. It is about how the ancient king of Laos wanted an instrument to represent a sound he heard while in the forest. He wanted this sound to stand for the national instrument of Laos. So people tried to imitate the sound he heard but no one had any luck. Then along came a woman named Nong Gio Gao. She successfully made a bamboo pipe and inserted a reed in it thus capturing the sound the King heard that day in the forest. At first it wasn't good but over time she made adjustments and at last the King said "Tua nee khaen dae." Which means this time is better. The word khaen from the sentence the King spoke was used to name the instrument. It means better.

Enjoy !
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