Unexpected gifts... am I dreaming ???

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Unexpected gifts... am I dreaming ???

Postby Walking Stranger » Thu Sep 09, 2010 8:18 pm

I can't believe it : I've just opened a mailbox sent from San Diego with 2 Vienna Teng t-shirts for me !!!!!
I hope my cousin and her husband are on the way to be the new Vienna Teng fans and subscribe to this VT Forum !
Waouh ! I'm impressed ! It's normally me who give VT CDs to my friends and colleagues.
Seng and Ay Khamphay, if you are reading this, I say out loud "THANK YOU !" broadwide all over the world ! :))))
I'm happy as the T-shirts fit me now that I got fatter ;) than on those pictures with VT green caravan T-shirt :


The family video I'm making will include Vienna Teng covers as part of sound tracks of the photoslide ... Triple YES !!!

P.S. : sorry if this is a little "ego-me post", but I could not help but share this happiness with VT forumites !!!
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Ang Mo
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Postby Ang Mo » Fri Sep 10, 2010 3:36 am

No apologies for being Happy! Congratulations and thank you for posting the pictures Walking Stranger! I am quite envious. I have to admit that Vienna looks smoking hot in that picture. If she wears that dress to class in Michigan the students will have more to talk about than Eco Economics, unless of course the dress is made of Organic Cotton. Vienna in that dress certainly casts a spell, so it could be classified under Voodoo Economics..............Forgive me David Stockman, wherever you are...
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