My Musical Theatre Idea for Vienna....actually a movie idea.

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Postby aaparallel » Wed Jul 14, 2010 7:03 pm

roofboy179 wrote: i've tried to think about how the rest of Inland Territory would fit around it, but it's kind of hard, since Vienna herself has admitted the album is more of a mixtape kind of thing, and less of a centrally themed album. But forming musicals around one of her other CDs would be totally possible.

I think a musical for Inland Territory is possible. An elderly person thinks suddenly remembers her lover from the past (The Last Snowfall)

When they were young, she had trouble trusting him because he always got into trouble (White Light)

They broke up because that's what's best...(Antebellum)

The woman moves sad (Kansas)

She returns to her childhood home (In Another Life)

Visits her Grandmother (Grandmother Song)

Another man shows up and she's reluctant to accept him (Stray Italian Greyhound)

She finally does, but something's not right and she feels awful (Augustine)

Arizona's burning, so she has to escape with her new family (No Gringo)

More natural disasters (Watershed)

Driving away, she hallucinates and sees more destruction (Radio)

She ends up seeing the original guy from the beginning again (either in a dream or in real life) (St. Stephen's Cross).

In the present, she dies, content after seeing her true love again

Yeah.... :cry:
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Postby Ang Mo » Sat Jul 17, 2010 6:42 pm

My fourth episode would feature the song "Feather Moon" which I think if I remember correctly was based on a combination of some artwork and a dream.

Thinking of this I would have Vienna reading a book about Polly Bemis and then falling off into sleep and becoming this historical character in the dream.

Who is Polly Bemis:


Polly had a movie made about her and has several books written about her. The movie's historical accuracy is debateable but it is highly rated on IMDb and features some known actors.

Anyhow, after experiencing this historical account in dream, she then sings Feather Moon reflecting on the experience.

Now to episode 5
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