Eric's Song Chords for guitarists, though there's piano too

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Eric's Song Chords for guitarists, though there's piano too

Postby Charos » Thu Mar 04, 2010 3:35 pm

I was unsure out to put this in here, no definite place it would fit but I thought some of you guitar enthusiasts may be able to use this. I could find NOTHING online in terms of the song "Eric's Song" and so after 45 minutes of working over some stuff (my original transcription was all basic A's and E's and such), I think I've got a PASSABLE copy of this down...tell me what you think, I pulled these together the other day (on ONE website, ONE and already it's spread to about 4 or 5 :) the wonders of internet: ... ng_tab.htm

There's only a few spots I'm not 100% on, the bridge sounds like she's varying the voices, so when I play it I alternate between my standard A and E transition and quickly slide up to the A barred on the 5th and the E on the 7th barred, alternating gives it that ethereal mood she carries so well. I also added the F#m7 in there, not because she necessarily uses that chord, but her voice drops and the 7th note emulates it perfectly. Lastly, the Outro (contrary to what I wrote) seems to vary between A E F#m E and repeat to coda. I hope the spacing works, these tab programs completely shift around my formatting, but if you listen to the song you can catch what's happening.

It should also be noted, like she pulls the outro bit as the intro, varying between A E F#m and E again. The tricky part is she has a tendency to "jump" into her verses, she'll be half done the verse and then suddenly touch out a chord in the middle which takes getting used to. Feel free to supplant the A with an Asus2 at any time, it works just as well and to play it halfway through that barre works well with her voice

Lastly, I'm unsure if I'm missing something, at points the A chord sounds like it's holding a C# in the bass, so that would be

|-0- (or muted entirely)

Or an A/C# I believe...also the chorus's section pulls from a similar progression to the outro...

and of course I forgive

I've seen how you live

F# F#m E
Like a phoenix you rise from the ashes

OK, it sounds like it works, but the E for some reason sounds JUST slightly off, would it be an E7, thought that sounded odd too...besides that I think I got it pretty well down. Please, lemme know what you think, took about 45 minutes to transcribe and something like 2 hours to format all the text just right... :) enjoy :) One of my all time favorite artists, utterly stunningly old Tori Amos times ten.

EDIT: OK, previewing this my formatting it messed up again, if you have any trouble with where each chord goes lemme know, it's all in the link anyway :)

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