I'm back on diet coke, the next great Vienna Teng idea......

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Postby Ang Mo » Sat May 22, 2010 1:29 am

With Diet Coke? Somehow I'm wincing inside!

I had the diet cokes a couple of hours before Ice Cream time.

I have not posted an idea since November of 2009. Well after several diet cokes and a chocolate dipped cone from Dairy Queen I feel inspired with a new idea, actually a variation of one already played out. It was kind of cool though. So here goes. First you all have to watch the video. It is over sixteen minutes long, but there is a point to the exercise.
........and one more thing........as the great tv detective Columbo would say, there is a funny punch line at the end.

I think Vienna should write the song for the University besides just singing it. Sort of like an addendum to the first idea above. I have watched some other Universities musial presentation but the video and sound quality have been bad. The Yale video has a professional look although done by students.
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