Q&A with Vienna, August 2009 (QUESTIONS ONLY)

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Postby maeowelvsulotz » Mon Sep 14, 2009 9:51 pm

O.o I did not know the questionnaire was on here. Well my answer is actually already answered anyway, probably b/c I gave Vienna so much crap for having a song called Kansas and not having yet performed in Kansas. But she's coming! November 19th! So it's all good!

Make it a regular state to visit please!!!!

Well now I've found the forum so it's all good!

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Postby cmooreNC » Sat Sep 19, 2009 3:10 pm

Ang Mo wrote:I got to stop drinking water. It's killing me.

:lol: Although I seem to have picked up your Diet Coke addiction, I'm afraid. But at least I'm limiting myself to one daily (as the "morning caffeine intake"). And actually it's just a switch from "normal" Coke to Diet Coke, in an effort to lose weight.

Sorry.... I didn't mean to make a post on this thread without asking a question. But since the several I asked earlier on have not been addressed yet, I'll refrain from asking any more.

I just couldn't resist expressing a "chuckle" at your comment, Ang Mo.

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Postby Ang Mo » Sat Sep 19, 2009 6:46 pm

I just couldn't resist expressing a "chuckle" at your comment, Ang Mo.

That's okay! :wink: As a diet coke addict, it is actually kind of true. I still drink a coke in the morning to prevent the mid-morning afternoon headache and also another reason which I think coffee drinkers who drink their coffee could attest to as well. Drinking the water has helped with the dehydration problem though and I do feel better in the evenings without having so much of the jitters.
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Postby Scot » Mon Oct 05, 2009 7:13 am

tanthalas wrote:
Vana wrote:I know there is a website somewhere where someone put together your stories - not sure if you've seen it. But that doesn't come from you - it's a fan.

I'm no Vienna, but I figure I'll throw in my 2 cents to answer your question:

Hey now, warmstrangers.com isn't run by just *any* fan. ;)

Also, the stories on that site are quite authentic. They're info gathered from the forums and various shows, so in a sense it does (rather indirectly) come from Vienna herself.

OOops - I missed this one. Thanks, Calvin. Yup- most of the stories on my site I either heard personally live, or from a recording of a live show. A few come from other forum members who also heard them at a show.
So, while not officially blessed by VIenna, they're all pretty much authentic. Although, they are only one aspect of the story, I'm sure -some songs stories have developed more fully as I hear bits and pieces from different shows.

My little attempt at a Vienna Teng WWW page (Set lists, song info., and more...)

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Re: fashion

Postby danseuse » Tue Oct 06, 2009 7:13 am

danseuse wrote:This is not a deep question... I really like the clothes you wear at your performances and photo shoots, and was wondering what designers and stores you shop at. For example, I love the dress you're wearing in this video and the outfits in this photo shoot.


Thanks for answering my question! Your answer was much more awesome than I was expecting, with all the links to sustainably-made clothing. And I understand about dressing up being an acquired skill. :)

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