Inland Territory Cover Art

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Inland Territory Cover Art

Postby roofboy179 » Sat May 02, 2009 3:19 am

Comments, criticism, ideas, interpretations, ideas...

I like to think that Vienna (Or whoever that beautiful woman on the cover is ;)) is a ghost, because I cant see her legs. :D

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Re: Inland Territory Cover Art

Postby Walking Stranger » Sat May 02, 2009 2:38 pm

roofboy179 wrote:I like to think that Vienna (Or whoever that beautiful woman on the cover is ;)) is a ghost, because I cant see her legs. :D

Hi roofboy179 !

Never thought of "ghost" but "soul" instead.
Have you seen the movie "The Matrix" ?
There is a scene with the mirror and it was like Alice in the wonder|LAND ... and there is a white rabbit tattoo somewhere in the movie, well before that scene.
This makes me think the door or mirror is metaphorical of something that exists which could not be well defined by words, but metaphorically speaking, it is like between something in and something out ...
OK I understand myself ... but if you know the game "wheel of fortune", you have something like a kind of verbal puzzle to find out with your own thinking what letters or con-son-ants are part of the sentence to guess what the sentence or expression is hidden behind the blanks.
The game "Wheel of Fortune" reminds me of some old linguistic lessons and what I learned is the word "paradigm" ... it seems to be the only word I remember or that itself sticks in my pea-size brain for more then ten years...
Long story short, so the album is titled "Inland Territory" and as a reply to your kind invitation, here is what comes up in my mind :

- "IN|LAND Territory" suggests the existence of the opposite : OUT|LAND Territory

IN|side a country somewhere on a map of the world
OUT|side a country somewhere on a map of the world

Could it suggest an invisible territory or land too ?
IN|visible IN|LAND territory
IN|side our own skull
IN|formation from our IN|conscious (cure-greed-by-beauty/imagination/creation potentials with blooming flowers in green land in the drawing) or from the the outside-catastrophic-news-media world (fear-instillation-as-political-lever-for-greedy-stomach-bags method with dying flowers in dry land in the drawing)
IN|terpretation of one's dreams
IN|vestigation of one's self

- "IN|land" and OUT|land makes me think of :
"breathe IN breathe OUT, EX|hale and IN|hale"
Ever heard of that in a song before ?
A kind of continuum EX|change movement of air - air that exists before we are born ... and after ... - : so here you have air going from OUT|side and gives you oxygen molecules IN|side your body, and during your waking life you live with that permanent movement, and when you are ill, you can guess there is something going on with your breath and the beat of your heart, and in advance sorry for sensitive people, but so when you die, you breathe IN and breathe OUT for the last time on earth, and your body does not need air anymore, so what is behind the death is IN|describable ... unless you have near death experience you can only "attempt" to EX|press in words what you think you have experienced in a world that is (or worlds that are) not visible for all the living people.

"IN|LAND Territory" could be :
wonder|LAND Territory
IN|ner IN|vestigation|LAND Territory
Could it be something like : know yourself so as to know what decisions the best you will choose in your waking life ?
Well, I can imagine our brain is a kind of airport platform where there is IN|formation IN|vestigation and IN|formation EX|change from IN|side and OUT|side worlds.

Well, just juggling with words like the "wheel of fortune" ;)

ENJOY PEACE & JOY Soul Sisters & Brothers !

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