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Postby schizoid_man » Sun Feb 08, 2009 1:02 pm

Samantha wrote:I know that a lot of music distribution on the Internet is illegal, but what if a particular individual has a strong set of values and morals to which they would adhere? If it's difficult to obtain a proper version at a particular time, is it wrong to keep a copy for personal use until it's possible to make the purchase and financially support a particular artist?

No, not in my eyes - surely from the legal point of view it doesn't make any difference. But it does make a difference to me and to my "internet ethics" if you will buy a copy (or ordered it and have to wait far too long) and download it somewhere or ask a friend to send you the files / burn a copy (which isn't illegal at all - at least here in Germany as long as the CD is not copy protected, you are allowed to create a limited quantity of copy for personal use). I listen to extremely rare stuff (and collect it) and sometimes I have to look for some out of print CDs for months or in some case for years. I am surely grateful when a friend helps me out in the meantime. I *always* buy the original, when I can get hold on it. And I can justify this perfectly with my ethics among artists, even talked to some musicians about this which didn't bother them at all, no one ever accused me of stealing something - in fact, most of them did it pretty much like me.

I never would share any non-free music in p2p-networks (don't forget, there's a lot of open source music out there) - but if a pal helps me out when I'm desperately looking for a particular album I gladly accept his offer.

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Postby hassutvarpaat » Sun Feb 08, 2009 10:34 pm

schizoid_man wrote:Also, I'm very touched by Vienna's friendly comment in her tweet as reply to those like me (yeah, I was one of those, I confess) who apologized for embedding the flash player which was not meant to be spread in that way. I did that, along with a nice little article in my personal blog, trying to help out to promote the album among my readers (that would be mostly some friends). Then Mikko (hassutvarpaat that is) left a ... let's say ... rather impolite comment in my blog. I checked Vienna's twitter immediately and removed the flash player and apologized personally for the misunderstanding.

Yes I did left little provosing comment to your blog, but you must understand, that by the time I acted hastily to the case at hand, I didn´t know who you were, but only, that you had something at your blog, that shouldn´t have been there, so I first informed to the Rounder, and then wrote to your blog, to make sure, that you could react to the thing before they do, and when I saw, that you had removed the stream immediately after my comment, then I e-mailed Rounder again, and told them that the case was solved, and your name was cleared. So now when I know, that you are one of the good guys, I can see why you did see my action as impolite, but you must understand my POV also. :wink:

schizoid_man wrote:Peace to you too hassutvarpaat...

I have no hard feelings for you, so I apologize my act, and give you a friendly hand to shake for, and forget all misunderstandings of your person, that was in the past. *bows down*

schizoid_man wrote:OK, this is really off-topic - but if you're using the Firefox you might need this tiny little add-on called Textarea Cache It saves the text you hack into editor boxes on a kind of clipboard in the status bar of the FF where you can copy & paste your latest entries after a crash or a cookie time-out.

I don´t use Firefox, but I thank you for your friendly advise! I usually make copy/ paste of my longer messages to avoid these kind of errors that happened to me in that longer reply for you, but I didn´t know that this automatic logout is happening in this forum also, and now I just learned it in the hard way, so I assure you, this will never happen again. :)

schizoid_man wrote:And yes, I am into good music - so I'm naturally fond of King Crimson AND Vienna Teng ... and listen (and love) lots of weird Jazz, Progressive Rock, singer-songwriters and classical music as well

And you know what: My list... Progressive rock, Heavy, Singer-songwriters, Irish/Celtic/Folk-music, some fusion Jazz and just a little plain Pop. *so close to your list* :D

Ps. The comment of Vienna to this whole mess, was really great, because this mess wasn´t really your fault or anybody elses, but some mistake that just happened to Rounder records, and they are really acting frendly to this. And from these addresses, you can see my blog review of Inland Territory(only in Finnish), that also has some links in it, and I think these links could be used safely to promote Vienna and this new album to others, and not violating any copyrights. :arrow: :arrow:
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hello tengsters!

Postby Amy @ Deep South » Mon Feb 09, 2009 9:54 pm

First and foremost, I wanted to say hello and thank you all for being so interested in Vienna's new album! We'd all hoped that you'd love it and appreciate you seeking to listen and share it with your friends.

Rounder Records created the streaming jukebox for long lead press outlets to be able to listen to the entire album online. This was supposed to be a tool for them to listen, not for them to post. As always, those guidelines are sometimes missed or overlooked, which is what happened in this situation.

Unfortunately, their slight error created a frenzy of downloading and sharing that wasn't intentional. At this point, the original jukebox has been amended down to share three songs from the new album that we'd like to encourage you to post on your social websites and blogs. Here is the link: ... in=1232381

Please accept my apology on behalf of Rounder for the confusion. I hope that you've all enjoyed what you've heard and that you are as excited about this release as I am.

Best Regards,


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Postby schizoid_man » Mon Feb 09, 2009 10:22 pm

I did it (embed) in my blog (in German) :arrow:
and also my "official" review was published in one of Germany's most influential eZines :arrow: (still in German and without flash player)

Maybe someone wants to pratice his/her german? ;-)

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Postby Samantha » Tue Feb 10, 2009 9:42 am

schizoid_man: Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

There are so many things I want to say about the new album, but I'm refraining at the moment because I don't want to post up any spoilers... not being able to rant about these songs is taking more effort than I thought...

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Postby Walking Stranger » Tue Feb 10, 2009 2:44 pm

schizoid_man wrote:I did it (embed) in my blog (in German) :arrow:
and also my "official" review was published in one of Germany's most influential eZines :arrow: (still in German and without flash player)

Maybe someone wants to pratice his/her german? ;-)


I'll then need a French/German dictionary by my side when reading your blogs. First step of improving a little bit of German...

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