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Postby Sean » Thu Apr 10, 2003 8:22 am

just got back from vienna's show here at duke, sounded awesome! i had been searching for her CD around the local stores ever since i saw her on letterman a couple months back, but they were always "out of stock/order's on the way/we'll call you when it comes in/who's vienna teng?" i nearly soiled myself when i found out she was comin to our campus to play. screw barnes and nobles, i bought the CD in person

i wish the venue was better, hell she was playing in our college bar, with sports games goin on in the background (without sound of course), but vienna definitely made the best out of it. i'm dragging out a friend to check out her show (along with a local artist) in the different venue she's playing tomorrow (which should be more fitting).

great show vienna (and adam is one maniac with that camera!)


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