Earthship Homes

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Earthship Homes

Postby Ang Mo » Wed Sep 26, 2012 6:49 am

It is kind of a cool idea where you live off the grid, generating your own power from solar energy and using recycled materials to build your house and recycling the gray water etc. The weird part is the only place they seem to be allowed to be constructed are in some of the most desolate and inhospitable places imaginable. Outside of Taos New Mexico for example. Taos is not that big and there are not a whole lot of high paying jobs there so whoever decides to live in an earthship home must have a home based business or is independently wealthy. There is a whole community of these homes so maybe their community spirit and cooperation help with that particular issue. I know not. Then i found one just outside of Lander, Wyoming. Lander has some beautiful places you can find by hiking many miles into the Popo Agie Wilderness are or the Bridger Wilderness. As for Lander itself, it is one depressing place because it is desert country and very desolate and the services are not very good (I guess that (the desert) is necessary to get the amount of sunlight for the solar panels to do their work, now that I think about it), but the extremely cold, windy, snowy winters can age a person fast. This guy who I suspect has been threatened by his wife with divorce if they don't unload their earthship wants 580,000 dollars. That is quite a bit of money for a place that is in such a desolate environment and I imagine the only excitement and highlight of any given day is watching their kid cut off the head of an organically grown chicken or watch a dog relieve itself on the side of the building. Take a look An upside is you would not have to mow the lawn because it does not exist anyway. Maybe the reason why earthships are not on the coast or in neighborhoods would be the zoning laws and I imagine a rainy climate would not be as good for the solar power idea.
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