The fate of the Abalone.

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The fate of the Abalone.

Postby Ang Mo » Sat Aug 20, 2011 5:48 am

Abalone are fascinating. A glorified sea snail you could say. Poor things nearly hunted to extinction. Why? Because they are tasty! (I have deeply researched this) Anyhow I watched this youtube video of the only man who was legally allowed on the entire west coast to commercially fish for them.
Unfortunately he abused this incredible privelage and was punished for his crime.
Anyhow, the Abalone is what of the most expensive proteins out there. Sales for $95.00 a pound.
Anyhow I was thinking why not put an abalone farm in Oregon. Perfect conditions and I think it would produce a better product than the California farms. I did a massive web search and what cracked me up was a guy from New Zealand who moved to North Carolina (interior thereof, not on the coast) and wants to farm them using a method called recirculation. I don't know if it will work but he seems diligent in his effort. Is an Abalone farm a green idea? I think it is if it protects the wild abalone population. A farm in Oregon could produce jobs as well. There is talk but nothing concrete of this happening.
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