IBUKU: Bamboo should be the building material choice

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IBUKU: Bamboo should be the building material choice

Postby Ang Mo » Sat Aug 06, 2016 8:16 am

Interesting company that builds bamboo houses, restaurants, hotels etc using Bamboo. It is a very environmentally correct building material


I googled to see if there are any bamboo buildings or homes in the USA. There is a company that offers pre fab bamboo homes out of Pahoa, Hawaii, but the bamboo and the like come from Vietnam. Apparently bamboo grows at a very quick rate and the other interesting thing is it eats a lot of carbon dixode. It has the strength and weight ratio of steel and the compressive force of concrete.

I really like the Sharma Springs House http://ibuku.com/keyprojects/sharma-springs/ They also built an incredible restaurant in Hong Kong with Bamboo http://greenbyjohn.com/ibuku-goes-to-hong-kong/

Now I want a bamboo home. Those tear drop shaped doors are really cool in the Sharma Springs home.
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